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Text-Back SIMs

We provide text-back SIMs on a managed and non-managed basis and we are happy to explain the difference between the two systems. Here are the main points:



+ VAT per month

  • £14.99 a month per sim for 5,000 texts
  • Min of 10 text back sims for this service(50,000)
  • 30-day rolling contract
  • No credit checks
  • No sim swap outs required
  • We manage the entire text back service
  • No devices required in your office to run this service
  • We can up your texts so you never run out (extra SMS are added if required)
  • No text back service going down
  • Promote your app (add an extra SMS)
  • If you go over 5,000 we can add an additional sim so you don’t get cut off and only charge you for the extra sim
  • We can send a monthly summary of usage



+ VAT per month

  • £12.99 a month per sim for 5,000 texts
  • Credit checks are required
  • Contract terms will be 24-month contract
  • Devices are required to manage the service
  • The benefits are that you are managing this in-house without reliance on a 3rd party
  • You can monitor your own usage
  • You will be cut off over 5,000 texts so there is no overcharge

Which text-back SIMs are you looking for?

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