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Here at Taxi Logistics we provide the full comms package - from base to driver, integrating your favourite software with GPRS and landline systems and ensuring you have a solid basis to run your company - with backups if things don't run smoothly.
We supply all of the telephone systems  – regardless of whether they are Hosted VoIP or traditional PBX switches – integrate to all the major Taxi Despatch software houses, such as Cordic, Autocab, iCabbi, etc. On Hosted IP systems, which connect to your Broadband connections, monthly rental costs start for as little as £15 per handset making them incredible value for money.

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calls and lines

We specialise in the process of managing taxi businesses calls and lines on behalf of BT Openreach. We guarantee to save you at least 25% over your current tariffs and rates with BT or any other reseller. The process to switch is seamless and the customer service infinitely better than having to deal with BT Local Business or BT Retail. We also put your lines on the correct Care Level 4 service giving you 24/7 cover 365 days per year. Save money, improve your service levels and get total customer care and attention from specialists in the taxi industry.

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memorable phone numbers

We can supply geographic ‘Memorable’ Telephone Numbers to enhance and complement your existing numbers. We can supply local numbers such as 0141 for Glasgow, or 0203 numbers for London, or any STD code relevant to your business, or area you wish to expand into. Prices range from a few hundred pounds up to many thousands of pounds depending on the quality of the number.

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SIP Trunks and Porting Telephone Numbers

We can swiftly and easily port any number from BT’s network to our own, helping you to remove any historical Remote Call Forwarding charges. You still retain your customers’ phone number for taxi despatch screen and contact ‘popping’. We supply SIP trunks that come with a bundle of Free calls included within the rental cost, therefore you can have up to 5,000 minutes per trunk per month free of charge. Costs for SIP Trunks start from just £4.50. 

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