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Welcome to Taxi Logistics

We are a specialist comms company who provide taxi and courier companies with the communications equipment, software and services that allow them to run their businesses effectively and efficiently. Please call us on 01372 844491 if we can help you with any of our services.

SIM Only Plans

No need to look for the best SIM contracts anymore. We can advise you on the most suitable for you deals. Taxi Logistics has unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise in the Taxi & Private Hire sector. We have hundreds of customers all over the UK using a variety of despatch systems, including Cordic, Autocab and Mercury.

Despatch Software

Buy devices with leading booking and despatch software preinstalled on them. We work with the most advanced, complete, reliable, and cost-effective taxi and private hire data despatch systems available on the market, like Cordic, AutoCab, CabDespatch, InfoCabs, C-Fone and others.

Device Upgrades

Taxi Logistics provides the hardware and Data SIMs used by taxi dispatch software companies like Cordic, AutoCab, CabDespatch, InfoCabs, C-Fone and others. With our help you can switch to Android devices from your old Windows PDAs or upgrade your current Android equipment to a newer more capable version.


Leasing allows businesses to better control cash flow, maintain manageable monthly repayments and reap the benefits of government tax breaks. A telecoms financing solution can make the acquisition of costly equipment far less of a burden on your cash-hungry business.


No need to worry about maintenance and repairs any more. Our service contracts will offer you quick turnaround times for repairs and replacement devices while you wait with next day replacement, single annual payment and 48 hour repair and return.


We can purchase your redundant working or non-working kit and help you upgrade. No need to worry about the old information. We will wipe it and give you a certificate. In return we will pay you cash, give you part-exchange for new devices, or add credit to your account, which you can use for repairs.

Device Rental

If you need to get smartphones, PDAs or tablets for your business for a short term, the best way to do so is to rent them. We provide a wide variety of hardware and equipment to suit your needs. For more information, fill in the form below, or give us a call on 01372 844491.


We can repair almost any device. Just explain the problem that you are having to get a quote, send the device to us and we will fix it, using original parts. We can provide a cost effective solution to repair your hardware - one or two devices, or in bulk.

Telco Services

Taxi Logistics partners with third party providers to offer you Telco services for your taxi and private hire business. We will look after, manage and maintain your various telecom services whilst saving you a significant amount of money each year. 


We work with a wide range of industry specific software companies and provide an installation and testing services on the mobile devices we send out. If you work with any of these company's software, then we will be pleased to help.


Case Studies

Courier Order Processing

Drivers running partner software that eliminate paperwork for ordering and stock, we supply the PDAs required.

Dealer Management

We help a Canterbury company set up an internal management system from one of our partners by delivering Android phones to all their mobile workers.


Stock delivery and ordering systems running on handheld devices using our partner’s software in Oxford.

Taxi Booking

We provided a London-based taxi company with the hardware running Cordic software which automates the effective movement of their fleet and jobs.

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